Bell Customer Service – Bell Customer Care Phone Number & Business Hours

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Bell Customer Service

Bell Customer Service
Bell Customer Service

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Bell is a Canadian telecommunication company headquartered in Montreal and Quebec and Canada.  It is the most stringent local exchange carrier for telephone and DSL internet service which is the most of the Canada east people appreciate it. It also provides mobile service through its Bell Mobility and television through its Bell TV.

Now, talking about our targeted topic which is as –

Bell Customer Care Contact Number

The number where you can call them without any problem is 800-668-6878. Bell believes in customer satisfaction on a priority basis that is why they provide the best customer support to their concerned customer.

Bell Customer Care Business hour

As we all know the client is like god but they also need one today for a break as we all take. So, the business hour for customer care are –

Monday to Friday the timings are – to 7.00pm and on

Saturday – to 5 pm they are available for you.

Bell Customer care live chat

Talk to human as much as you can. They are available just speak to Customer Service repeatedly until they transferred to an agent. You can also connect with them through Skype by accessing the call via web

Or you can also use the company URL for more information at


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